First Tool Corporation has a wide range of metalworking capabilities with over 35 people contributing the operational success of the manufacturing facility. We have the machines capable of delivering tolerances of +/- 0.0005 inches. Our recent capital purchases have increased our machining size capability
to 60+" x 120+".

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(3) CNC Jig Grinders 19” X 11” w/ 4th Axis Rotary Table

(8) CNC and Manual Horizontal Mills
Capacity ranging from 24X20X22 to 36X36X60
3 & 4 Axis
(14) CNC and Manual Vertical Mills
Capacity ranging from 20X16X20 to 36X60X120
3 and 4 Axis
(10) CNC and Manual Lathes
Capacity ranging from 12X30 to 44X120
(5) EDM Machines
(3) CNC Wire EDMs with capacity from 24X24X20
(2) CNC Plunge EDMs with capacity from 22X15X15
with 4 Axis
(6) CNC and Manual ID and OD Grinders
Capacity ranging from 12X36 to 14X72
Horizontal and Vertical
(6) Surface Grinders
Capacity ranging from 12X24 to 22X79
(1) Barber Coleman Gear Hob 16X16
(1) Browne & Sharpe Gear Checker 32”
(2) Key Seaters
(1) Advanced Cutting Technology CNC Water Jet
Cutting Machine - Capacity to 60X60
(1) Vaqua Wetblast
(1) Glass Bead Blaster
(1) Sand Blaster
IInspection Equipment

(2) CMM
(3) Optical Comparitors
(3) Rockwell Harness Testers
(1) Surface Finish Tester
(2) 75X Magnification Optical Scopes
Various Gages and measurement tools.
Fabrication & Welding Equipment

(2) TIG Welders
(1) Burn Table
Various Gas welding and cutting equipment
to meet your needs.
Shears, Break Presses, Hydraulic Presses, Notcher.
(1) Bonal Technologies Meta-Lax 700 Vibratory Stress Reliever 24X48

Various Manual Milling Machines, Drill Presses, Grinders, Cutoff Saws, Engraving, Honing

Forktruck Capciity to 12,000 lbs.

Crane Capacity to 4,000 lbs.

CAD/CAM Capabilities
(3) CAD Seats of SolidEdge and AutoCAD for our
Design Needs
(2) CAM Seats of MasterCAM for all our CNC Programming Needs

First Tool Corporation
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Dayton, Ohio 45403
Tel: (937) 254-6197
Fax: (937) 254-0625

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